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Where have all the locals gone?I have lived in Hatfield since 1957 and it is at rock bottom.There was a time when it took me ages to walk to the shops as I was always meeting people I knew.Now I am surrounded by strangers.I occupy the only council house in a row of 8.All the others have been bought by private landlords.I am the only English person in the street,though some occupants do speak (some) English.I have become isolated in my home town.I do not think that I am racist but I do wish to live amongst people of my own culture so that we have a common bond.The street is dirtier than it used to be as the landlords do not look after the gardens and keep building maintenance to a minimum.After all the house is no longer a home,just a means of making money.I miss the chats over the garden fence,my next door neighbours do not speak to me.I have said good morning but just got a blank stare,(i think they didn't understand).My last long term neighbours moved out 7 months ago,they were fed up with the noise from students and not being able to park in their own street.This used to be such a friendly area,families with kids,neighbours popping in.I read in the paper about how the University has benefited Hatfield but I see no benefit at all.I yearn for the past when there was a community here.I feel as if my home town has been invaded,isn't it natural to want to live amongst your own kind? Other cultures do it and nothing is said but we feel afraid to voice this kind of opinion because of political correctness.What has gone wrong?